Snack bags pose suffocation risk to pets The dog or cat puts its head inside of chips or another snack, and the bag tightens when the pet inhales!! The pet can suffocate to death in less than 5 minutes. Dr. Jason Nicholas, president and chief medical office rat Preventive Vet,reports: ” according to 1,354 respondents to a survey posted on the Preventive Vet website, from 2014 to 2018, 72%of dogs and cats suffocated in chip or snack bags, 11% in bags for pet food treats, 6% in liners for cereal boxes, and, 11% in bread bags, plastic containers, or something else. 39% of the respondents were home when their pet suffocated. 18% were gone for less than 15 minutes!! Suffocation does not happen to just small dogs. In the survey, more than 55% of dogs that suffocated weighed more than 30 pounds, and, 17% weighed more than 60 pounds. According to the survey of people whose pets have suffocated in food bags or containers, 87% didn’t know the danger until the pet suffocated. I invite you to view a dedicated webpage to awareness at Suggestions for food and snack storage include: serving snacks in bowls rather than eating them out of the bag, and, cut bags along one end and bottom before disposal. Also used covered trash bins. Reminds us all of cutting a six pack plastic rings to protect wildlife! Now is the time to work at home in learning skills to save our beloved pets! I thank JAVMA, May 15, 2018, Volume 252, Number 19, for publishing this article. Dr. Joan Winter

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