I attended the November 2017 , annual American Association of Equine Practitioner’s Meeting, in San Antonio, Texas. What a great meeting. I need to share an invaluable tool that I learned. When a mare foals, she releases the placenta after giving birth. The fluid Filled sac that encompasses the foal while in utero, is called the amnion. It covers the foal and breaks open while birthing. Veterinarian researches have found the amnion can be used over wounds–deep wounds such as we see in these raging fires–and the wound heals quickly. There is a way to prepare the amnion so it is sterile. Better yet, it is available for commercial purchase for veterinarians. WOW! This is such a welcome tool to wound healing, even wounds of the eye!!! Thought I would share this with you,at a time of physical and emotional healing occurring in Southern California with the animal evacuations due to . Stay strong and be safe!!!

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