I own a dog with anxiety. When a pet feels anxiety it can trigger a response that we, as pet owners, including dogs, cats and horses, may not like. To give you an easy to understand example, let’s take me- Dr. Joan Winter! When I get anxious I like to over indulge in sweets– chocolate sweets. If the anxiety goes from a 5 to a 10, I DO NOT EAT. So, anxiety triggers EATING (when not hungry) with me. My dog , when anxious, can become aggressive towards anyone in the household. If his anxiety rises to a 10, he becomes despondent and will not eat and hides behind my bed. When my horse is anxious and I chose to walk her with her gelding friend, she choses to bite him and offers to advance her gait against my wishes. So, what can we do to help our animals? I am a certified Traditional Chinese Veterinarian Practitioner through the CHI University located in Florida. After much training, i can use acupuncture and herbals to treat anxiety. My own dog becomes anxious with the sight of a needle or bottle of Essential Oils. Therefore , I use herbals that I place in his food, twice daily, and I have seen a remarkable change!!! I recently attended VMAX, a Western Veterinary Meeting, and have found a company that I have researched and now trust. I am always looking for more modalities to treat physical and emotional issues for pets. I have found a company , ElleVet Sciences, that makes hemp products that contain CBD and CBDA, for anxiety and other issues. Their products come with a manufacturer guarantee of analysis. That tells you, the purchaser, what IS and IS NOT (like heavy metals) in their products. ElleVet Sciences does not produce a prescription product, but a nutraceutical ( food supplement). I encourage all cat and dog owners that want to pursue their knowledge of ElleVet products to, go to their website and read about their food supplements and usage. Their also is a toll free number. Their company has no information for horses and their products SHOULD NOT BE USED IN HORSES!!!. I will share with you my usage of “ConfidenceEQ” for horses. This is a pheromone gel placed in the horses nose 20 to 30 minutes before the horse is exposed to a anxious event. Please note to check all horse show regulations before giving pheromone gel, any drug or food supplement or essential oils to your horse. Horse show rules may prohibit the use of any substance that may alter the outcome of a horse show. Please remember that as a California licensed veterinarian, I abide by all California State laws. I am able to talk about carbenoid products , but not allowed to prescribe them. i hope you find this blog worthwhile!!! Best to your pets and you!!! Dr. Joan Winter