Well, we have had pet insurance for a while!  I just returned from an annual veterinary conference and   I want to share what I learned about pet insurance.  Pet insurance does not save the pet owner money.  Pet insurance is a RESOURCE that is available to you and your pet in times of medical need.  It can be a difficult time when your pet is injured or has a life threatening disease!  This often is an emotional and financial trying time!  If you have pet insurance, the treatment may become plausible.  Just think of pet insurance like human insurance.  It is a resource used when you are sick.  And a few years ago, previous illnesses were excluded.  This pertains to pets!  If your pet has had a previous disease before your pet is insured, that illness will be excluded.  So, when you become a pet guardian, get pet insurance at that time!  The two most important criteria for choosing a pet insurance company are: 1. must cover chronic illness 2. must cover inherited diseases. Hope this helps!!!!!!!