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In my opinion, Veterinary Medicine has changed and for the better!  It use to be that a sick pet was presented to the veterinarian.  The veterinarian examined and treated the pet and returned the pet, hopefully, in good health.  Today, with the advent of genetic, DNA, testing, a pet owner can purchase online a genetic test.  The swabbing of the pet’s inner cheek is submitted to the laboratory.  Often, over 200 tests are done and the laboratory interrupts the results.  The veterinarian can then assess your pets risk for certain diseases.  To minimize the risk of a certain disease, the veterinarian can perform tests that may include: blood screening, urine analysis and culture, intra ocular (eye) pressures, blood pressure readings, radiographs, ultrasounds, etc.,  In this way, your pet has personalized veterinary care.  This may remind you of human medicine-screenings at different times of your life to discover and treat diseases associated with one’s age, gender, life style, etc.,  So, pick your veterinarian as you would your own physician and be sure your veterinarian is on board and proactive.  Remember your pet has life stages, just as we humans do: puppy, pre adult, adult, and senior!  Your pet is a family member and should be treated as such, with your permission as the pet’s guardian!!