This was a wake up call for me! I attended the Alamo Pintado Equine Hospital’s conference last month and learned about Vitamin E deficiency in horses. Unless a horse lives in Kentucky and grazes for at least 12 hours a day, chances are your horse is deficient in Vitamin E. In people, a lack of Vitamin E can lead to disease of the nerves-including peripheral neuropathy and brain dysfunction, including memory loss. Anytime a nerve is damaged and not fuctioning well, it call be called NEURO DEGENERATIVE DISEASE. So, guess what? We have discovered that NATURAL, not synthetic, Vitamin E can heal nerves as well as protect them. We are currently unaware of how much Vitamin E is in the soil or the forage grown in that soil. So be a good horse owner and supplement with Vitamin E to protect your horse against ANY NEUROLOGICAL DISEASE! That includes EPM, Wobblers, Shivers, etc., My favorite source is NANO-E from Kentucky Equine Research!!