CHIP off the BLOCK

I experienced a great act of kindness today. A neighbor took in a young, wandering German Shepherd dog. What a beauty inside and out! He called me and asked if I had a chip reader. Of course I do!! I went to the neighbors and met this beautiful stray pet and informed my neighbor: 1.the animal shelter is closed and not accepting stray pets, and, 2. a lot of pets are chipped but the owner fails to register the chip to the owner. Well, after that, I found the dog was chipped. I called the toll free number and was connected directly with the owner. The owner did not even know his pet was missing!!!!! Garbage day is today and who knows what happened! The greatness of the day is: be like my good neighbor and take that stray dog in before it gets injured, call your local veterinarian to help, and be like this dogs owner and follow up with registration of the chip! And, of course, microchip your pet-dog, cat, horse! I feel good because I was suppose to be in Northern California volunteering as the shelter veterinarian as I do once a month. Because of the Cornovirus, I elected to stay home. My purpose in volunteering is to help pets find furever homes. So today, a pet was reunited with her owner. So, I did help a pet go back to its furever home. And, EVERY LIFE COUNTS-even just this one! Glad this pet that lived on the same BLOCK as my neighbor was CHIPPED! Here’s to “Chip off the Block!”