VACCINE now available for your SPECIFIC DOG’S TUMOR

WOW!!!!!! Science is traveling FAST and I am trying to stay current! Why? I love animals and I am dedicated to easing their pain and suffering. That means my beloved clients have more HAPPY DAYS with their dog. Yes, this is only available for dogs. The company, MEDIVET, cannot process feline or equine tumors, at this time. We should be thankful that we have this available for dogs as the reagents needed are scarce. In order for a vaccine to be made of your dog’s tumor, it must be resected. NOT EXCISED , although if possible that would be wonderful. Excision means removing the entire tumor. Resection means taking a piece. In either case, a vaccine is made to fight the growth or re-occurrance of the tumor. I cannot tell you how overwhelmed I am by this!! An opportunity OF A LIFETIME and FOR A LIFETIME!!!! So now you know what my passions are: Western and Eastern Veterinary Medicine, Volunteering for the Northwest SPCA in Oroville, California (recently evacuated due to Oroville Dam Spillway troubles), and LEARNING EACH and EVERY DAY from my patients, clients and Continuing Education Seminars. Please be patient with me when I am out of town. I am trying to help animals find homes or busy learning NEW and VALUABLE information!!

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