Well, my dog “Spyder” had a tough time with the recent thunderstorms! The noise made him shake, hide and unable to sleep! He refuses to walk on the pathway where he was being exercised, on a leash, when the storm started. He is a very anxious dog! I have used Canine Adaptil Travel, a spray that I place o his bandana and lasts for five hours. Within 20 minutes, he was back to his old self! Maked me think I may purchase the Canine Adaptil collar for a longer lasting affect- works for 30 days. And, the same products exists for cats! Adaptil is a Feline or Canine Appeasing Pheromones. It is compared to how a puupy or kitten feels a sense of well being from their mother before being weaned. I hope this helps with your companion small animal pets! For horses, I use herbal formulas, essential oils and acupuncture.