Well, some of you are returning back to the office! This could certainly trigger a spike in separation anxiety. An example would be when you return home, you find your pet redecorated your home in an unsightly manner–sheet rock wall gone, curtains torn , etc., Man’s best friend may need help as dogs may find it difficult to cope with being left alone. My first recommendation is to try “Adaptil pheromome” products such as a diffuser or collar. This pheromone alows a pet to feel calm. Also, you might consider purchasing “Through a Dog’s Ear” relaxing music. If these fail, your pet may need behavior modification . An example of this would be to occasionally handle you keys and touching your purse or briefcase and not leave your home. This would be desensitizing your pet to the triggers associated with your departure. Also, you can train your pet to be independent and feeling more comfortable while home alone. This may require the help of a certified dog trainer. I hope this helps! The leading reason for pets in shelters are behavioral problems. I plead with you to take action to help with behavioral problems, rather than retreat and take your pet to the local shelter.