PROBIOTICS-why are they so important for your pet’s health?

Probiotic 123  | Dietary SupplementsI give my dog 1 scoop (0.5 grams) of this product once daily.  It is kept in the refrigerator to keep the 4.5 billion CFU (colony forming units per serving).  It is comprised of dairy free LACTOBACILLUS ACIDOPHILUS, BIFIDOBACTERIUM BIFIDUM and BIFIDOBACTERIUM LACTIS.  This probiotic supports the lining of the gatrointestinal tract and healthy gatrointestinal barrier function.  It maintains healthy immune system , supports healthy yeast balance, and promotes intestinal comfort and moderates occasional diarrhea.  What supports the probiotic once inside the body?  The answer is PREBIOTIC.  PREBIOTIC is  a grain.  I am not a proponent of grain free dog food.  There are many grains you may chose for your pet.  Some are considered cooling or warming grains.   I decide on the grain based on your pet’s constitution and any present deficiencies.  A dog may be allergic to one grain, and, another may be utilized.  And, YES, I take the same probiotic!!!  And I make sure I have a grain–even crushed flax seed works well!!!  If you ever watch late night TV, you should tune into PBS with Dr. Amen.  He supports healthy foods to prevent leaky gut, dementia, heart disease,etc.,  How easy is this to do?  Yes, it is a part of FOOD THERAPY.  I am certified in FOOD THERAPY by the CHI INSTITUTE.  At my last meeting in Washington state in June, 2016, I learned something new: You are NOT what you eat…RATHER, YOU ARE WHAT YOU DO NOT EXCRETE!!!!!!

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