I learned at a recent meeting this term “INFLAMM- AGING.” It is well recognized in humans that as we age, we acquire inflammation that can lead to arthritis, heart disease, dementia, etc., Maybe, OLD AGE= INFLAMM- AGING. There is no exact mechanism that explains IMFLAMM-AGING in humans. I believe INFLAMM-AGING occurs in animals, large and small. In Western Medicine, excess fat tissue secretes modulaters of inflammation. In Eastern Medicine, excess sugar causes the Earth Element to become deficient, leading to damp issues, including arthritis. I think we are coming closer to the INTERNAL FOUNTAIN of YOUTH! I belive anti oxidants are important in human and animal diets. And, of course, my friend Tumeric with bioperine, and Probiotic 123, both fit the model of ANTI-INFLAMM-AGING!

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