CURCUMIN 500 with Bioperine

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Curcumin 500 with bioperine has become an awesome recommendation for many pets in my practice.  My 90 pound , 11 year old, beloved mutt, BETSEY, is no longer lame after adding Curcumin 500mg, one capsule, twice daily in her food.  She suffers from osteoarthritis of her knees and elbows.  Yes, she has been well cared for by me and other wonderful veterinary orthopedic surgeons when her cruciate ligaments in each knee ruptured.  I give her one 500mg twice daily.  My 10 year old Arabian mare, Karra, was rescued by me and has major osteoarthritis of her stifle joint.  I have been able to take her off of Previcox, and continue with her Jing Tang Herbal Supplement, by adding 1.5 grams of Curcumin 500 with bioperine, orally, twice daily.  Curcumin is often referred to as Tumeric, a spice.  Researchers have found pure Tumeric without bioperine, is 99% excreted and unable to be processed by the body.  Just thought I would share my findings.  Remember, do not  use in an animal on blood thinners.   It has  been recommended not to be used with other non steroidal or steroidal drugs.  Curcumin is said to have the following properties: anti oxidant, anti inflammatory, analgesic and potent cancer inhibitor.  For human usage , google PURE ENCAPSULATIONS and ALWAYS get advice from your own medical doctor before using.  As for your pet, ALWAYS consult with your veterinarian before using.

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